Jeffrey Epstein – what really happened to his life?

Posted on Aug 14, 2019 in Business Litigation

It is still a mystery how the financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was in solitary confinement in the New York City prison, could have taken his life without anyone knowing until too late.  The NYC medical examiner’s office said Sunday that it had completed an autopsy of Epstein but that it needed […]

Avenatti Should Be Far More Concerned About the California Case

Posted on Apr 1, 2019 in Business Litigation

While Mr. Avenatti was arrested last Monday afternoon in New York’s new Hudson Yards development, for extorting more than $15 million from Nike, his bigger peril lies in Los Angeles. The New York allegations hinge on whether Avenatti extorted Nike by demanding it pay $22 million or he would release information to the media. That […]

Avenatti’s Stormy Fall From Grace

Posted on Mar 27, 2019 in Business Litigation

Michael Avenatti, who was on every TV news network over the past few months – and claimed he would run for President – has fallen … and fallen hard. This week he was charged in NY with extortion and conspiracy when he attempted to extort $25 million from Nike. Apparently, Avenatti claimed Nike was improperly […]

Smollett – Sweeping it Under The Empire Rug

Posted on Mar 27, 2019 in Business Litigation

All criminal charges against “Empire” actor” Jussie Smollett were just dropped? With his “record … wiped clean” today? And the case was sealed from the public??? How can that be? And to make the resolution more confusing, both the prosecutor and the defense counsel claimed that the outcome was “just.” Yet, both the mayor and […]

The College Admissions Scandal: The Fallout

Posted on Mar 21, 2019 in Business Litigation

As this country is awakening to the massive alleged college admissions scandal, everyone is asking “what is the fallout.” There are essentially two alleged schemes, cheating in the test taking and lying about whether the applicant was an athletes when they are not. So, what will be the results: 1. Coaches: Coaches who allowed applicants […]

Donald Trump: The Art of Deflection

Posted on Mar 12, 2019 in Business Litigation

With the Mueller wall closing in, Congress rejecting his own border wall and his inner circle fleeing, Donald Trump decides to do what he does best – deflection, deflection, deflection! So, yesterday, Sarah Sanders, speaking at her first formal briefing in more than a month, decided to provide the state of the Presidency by stating […]

R Kelly Fights Back

Posted on Mar 6, 2019 in Business Litigation

In an emotional interview singer and song writer R. Kelly categorically denied he did anything inappropriate to the four victims that led to the sexual charges he faces. After the airing of a documentary Surviving R. Kelly, the authorities arrested R. Kelly on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Since that airing, he has […]

Uncrafty Kraft caught on video!

Posted on Feb 22, 2019 in Business Litigation

Well … the use of video tape replays was the big issue in the playoffs, when both the Patriots (on an alleged offside by KC at the end of the game when KC intercepted Brady) and the Rams (when it unquestionably committed pass interference on the Saints at the end of the game) allowed those […]

The Donaghy Scandal: ESPN challenges the NBA on the number

Posted on Feb 19, 2019 in Business Litigation

ESPN’s just released a story on Tim Donaghy, the NBA referee who conspired with several to fix NBA games. In it, ESPN concluded that – notwithstanding the NBA and Donaghy’s continuous denial of fixing games – the evidence overwhelmingly leads to that conclusion. It also concluded that Donaghy and others were enriched to the tune […]

Trump’s Border Wall Funding Will be Shut Down

Posted on Feb 19, 2019 in Business Litigation

According to President Trump, a border wall is necessary because the United States is suffering “an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people, and it’s unacceptable.” He has declared a “state of emergency” and intends to pull funding from other areas of government to fund his controversial border wall. His actions are clearly […]