What We Do

The Firm has a great depth of experience in employment matters, representing both employees and employers in a wide variety of disputes including wrongful termination, claims of discrimination, the application of non-solicitation and non-compete clauses, Fair Labor Standards Act claims, trade secret/confidentiality, repayment of loans/notes and failure to pay salary/commissions. While the practice specializes in New York employment litigation, the Firm also conducts independent investigations based on a myriad of allegations by employees in matters across the nation.  Many of these matters have involved some of the largest companies as well as celebrities, public personalities and high wealth individual.

More importantly, the Firm has been able to leverage a reputation for litigation success and a willingness to go to trial in order to resolve many matters pre-litigation, minimizing expense and risk on both sides.  Further to that effort, the Firm has a long history of counseling corporate clients, including conducting independent investigations involving allegations including discrimination and hostile work environments.

The Firm’s representations are industry agnostic, and has included employers and employees in many diverse industries, including:

  • charitable organizations
  • restauranteurs
  • retail and wholesale entities
  • brokerage firms, banks and investment banks
  • international consulting firms
  • insurance companies
  • modeling agencies and pageants
  • real estate companies and agencies
  • medical offices, hospitals and clinics
  • hair salons

We also represent corporations and individual clients in drafting, negotiating and finalizing employment, post-employment and severance agreements. It also drafts, negotiates and finalizes agreements that relate to specific issues including change of control, golden parachutes, confidentiality, non-solicitation and consulting agreements. We also advise clients on sexual harassment policies and prepare, on behalf of corporate clients, policy manuals, procedure manuals, sexual harassment policy procedures and all employment related policies and procedures guides and instructions.

Past Success

Because the employer/employee relationship is the most common relationship in the workplace, employment litigation is the most frequent type of dispute in business. The Firm has successfully represented hundreds of individuals and entities — employers and employees alike — in all types of litigation, some of which include.

  • Representing employers and employees in discrimination disputes including age, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual preference and pregnancy litigation, including individual and class action disputes.
  • Representing employees and employers in disputes involving non-competition, non-solicitation and restrictive covenant disputes in federal and state court trials.
  • Representing employers in their attempt to collect monies owed by former employees, including commencing and defending litigation and trying cases involving the recovery of forgivable loans, commissions allegedly due and owing, and other forms of monetary disputes.
  • Representing employers and employees in labor law disputes, particularly litigation involving the alleged violation of state statutory employment statutes.
  • Representing employers and employees in a myriad of post employment contractual disputes.

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