Sports Litigation

What We Do

In the sports arena, the Firm represents an array of clients — both prosecuting and defending claims — involving professional athletes, hall of famers, celebrities, agents, managers, producers, promoters, teams, memorabilia companies, national professional leagues, and small and large sports’ private auction houses.

The disputes vary from straight forward contractual disputes to sophisticated rights to privacy, intellectual property and fraud, federal and state court litigations. In so doing, the Firm has represented the biggest names in professional football, baseball, hockey, boxing, tennis and golf in both private and high profile litigations and arbitrations.

Past Success

  • Successfully represented New York Yankees organization and partnership in class action litigation commenced by season ticket holders and other seat purchasers for alleged misrepresentation over sale of authenticity of seats at the old Yankee Stadium.
  • Successfully represented Hall of Fame NFL football player commenced by national car rental company that sought damages against athlete, claiming he breached agreement when he, among other things, allegedly violated morals clause in the contract.
  • Successfully represented sports commentator on leading national sports network in litigation commenced by former agent that claimed announcer breached agency agreement when she resigned with network.
  • Representation of Hall of Fame football player in dispute with national video gaming company.
  • Representation of a national sports memorabilia company in federal court litigation commenced by the MLBPA.
  • Resolved state court litigation between future Hall of Fame baseball player who currently plays for the Boston Red Sox and memorabilia company.
  • Negotiated and resolved dispute between National League Baseball Team and certain of its vendors.
  • On behalf of National Football League quarterback, commenced action and successfully recovered all monies due and owing as well as statutory interest and costs from sports memorabilia company.
  • Successfully obtained injunction against former employee who, without any restrictive covenant, was restrained from conducting business.
  • Successfully negotiated a resolution to dispute involving Evander Holyfield boxing gloves.
  • Represented major boxing promoter in litigation over promotion revenues earned by Ike Quartey, former World Boxing Association welterweight champion of the world.
  • Represented largest United States private sports silent auction house in litigation over authenticity of the first trophy baseball: Forester v. Robert Edwards Auctions.
  • Represented sports memorabilia company in contractual dispute over, among other things, marketing and producing baseball card shows.
  • Represented sports marketing company in dispute over memorabilia signed by Walter Peyton prior to his unfortunate premature death.
  • Represented National Football League in dispute over production rights and marketing of Tae Kwan Do tournament: NFL Films, Inc. v. Shin Production.

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