Trump adviser: ‘Alternative’ slate of electors voting in Electoral College

December 14, 2020

by Bob Unruh

Republican electors in at least three states on Monday – while the official delegations to the Electoral College were voting from those states for Joe Biden – cast their votes for President Trump.

The action isn’t entirely meaningless as it preserves those results for the states should any of the legal and other challenges to the 2020 election results, which millions believe were rife with fraud and cheating, are overturned.

Attorney Richard Roth of the New York-based Roth Law Firm told Just the News that while the essay “raises several very valid – and very controversial – issues, they all rest on one fact: the certification of election results.”

“If that reading is correct, then the Electoral Count Act is unconstitutional. Congress cannot use legislation to dictate how any individual branch of government is to perform its unique duties: Congress could not prescribe how future Senates should conduct an impeachment trial, for example. Similarly, we think the better reading is that Vice President Pence would decide between competing slates of electors chosen by state legislators and governors, or decide whether to count votes that remain in litigation.”

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