Will Celebrities Make a Difference in 2018?

Posted on Nov 1, 2018 in Business Litigation

While Republicans believe that the Democrats are making the same 2016 mistake by having celebrities speak on political issues and get out the vote, they may very well be wrong.  That is, the blanket conclusion that the Democrats are wasting their time having celebrities stomp pre-election week ignores two very important criteria: (i) the difference between the upcoming election and 2018; and (ii) the celebrities efforts.


First, with regard to the differences, there are many.  First, Hillary Clinton, who the Republican successfully demonized, is not in the picture.   Second, we had just had a several year run of Democratic control which no longer exists.  We have now had the other party running the country.  And finally, we have had two years of the country witnessing the polarization of the Republican Party and the President.   Finally, as much as our president has gained favor with certain segments of the population, he has alienated other groups of constituents.  For example, blacks and women are increasingly doubting the Republicans and certainly raise their eyebrows, at a minimum, whenever Trump speaks.


Second, and as important, celebrities do help the party of their choosing through their message and by getting fellow Democrats out to vote.  Lets not forget that Trump barely won the popular vote.  Lets also not forget that certain congressmen and congresswomen won by very small margins.  So, if a celebrity convinces 1 – 3% of the constituents to follow them, that could rule the day.  For example, Oprah Winfrey is listened to and watched by millions.  She alone can assist in making a difference in a very close election.  Finally, the message of the celebrity may not be as important as their efforts to get people out to vote.  That is, while the message may not necessarily convince constituents, if that Democratic message is loud and strong, it will increase the amount of Democrats that go to the poles.  And we are already learning that the voting may be at a record rate.


Only time will tell …

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