WFAN host Craig Carton faces criminal charges

Posted on Sep 11, 2017 in Business Litigation

Serious criminal fraud charges have been asserted against popular Craig Carton, the benched WFAN host. That is, the federal government has indicted Carton, the New York-based sports radio personality, claiming that beginning in or around the middle of 2016, at about the time he accrued millions of dollars’ worth of gambling-related debts to casinos and other third parties, he stole millions of dollars to cover those debts. He is also accused of fabricating and forging documents to an investor purporting to reflect agreements for the purchase of large blocks of tickets he controlled.

In certain cases, he and others allegedly provided these fake agreements for the express purpose of having Carton pass them along to an investor. Yet, Carton used new investor funds to repay earlier investors and other preexisting debts, including Carton’s debt to casinos, rather than to purchase tickets for resale as promised. He is accused of ripping off at least $3.6 million from two investors and pocketing an additional $2 million from one of the same two investors. While his attorney responded that the allegations are a gross misunderstanding of what happened, if these charges stick, then Carton is facing serious jail time.

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