Trump and obstruction of justice

Posted on Dec 5, 2017 in Business Litigation

Trump’s counsel’s new claim that he cannot be held liable for obstruction of justice is just plain silly. As we have learned throughout history — from Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton — no one is “above the law” and believing one is constitutes a dangerous theory.

Donald is presumably acting up (for a change) because he is aware what Flynn was doing with the Russians. After all, Flynn’s boss was Da Donald. The big question here is not whether Donald can deflect, deter or confuse — as he is so apt at doing — but whether the Special Counsel’s Office has the goods to indict him. So, was Trump careful enough to detach himself from the Russians, which our intelligence community has unambiguously concluded interfered with the 2016 Presidential election, or did he write something that crossed the line. Without knowing the answer, but seeing how he behaves, the answer could be that he did obstruct justice.

If they do have concrete proof that he committed a crime, let’s see how Trump tries to deflect them facts.

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