The Trump Wall: It’s All Ego

Posted on Dec 28, 2018 in Business Litigation

The president’s in a bit of a pickle. First, he proclaimed Mexico would pay for the wall. Recently, he proclaimed that he would “own” the shutdown. Now he’s trying to shift the blame to the Democrats despite Republican control of the House and Senate. And he has recently tweeted that he is standing his ground. So, is it a political issue or one of ego?

While the House will never pass his $5 billion border wall mandate, there are other ways to find financing for the wall, such as using money from other branches in the executive branch. So, the wall can be built so long as Trump puts his ego aside, a step we have yet to see in the last two years.

And, without the approval, border walls are beginning to be built. There are 8 projects underway, in Arizona, Texas and California, as the government approved $1.6 billion for the walls.

Congress may approve some more money for building, but never the amount Trump had envisioned. The only way out for Trump is to leave his ego at the door and either accept a smaller amount or find it elsewhere.

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