Russia probe continues to swirl

Posted on Mar 5, 2018 in Business Litigation

Robert Mueller’s Russia probe continues to swirl around Trump as the Special Counsel now has subpoenaed documents from those closest to The President. The subpoena demands all communications, including emails, texts and telephone logs, dating back to Nov. 1, 2015, the first four months of Trump’s presidential campaign, from several White House insiders.

Trump, who ridiculously denied that Russia had anything to do with the election, after seeing Mueller indict several Russian nationals on extremely specific facts, has stopped Tweeting on the issue as this investigation is the furthest thing from a “witch hunt “what he deemed it to be only weeks ago.

It is now clear that Russians did attempt to influence the election. The only remaining question is not whether those individuals did change the results, but whether Trump and his inner circle were involved in the attempt to manipulate the populis.


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