Mueller’s Questions were Leaked: Will the True Leaker Stand Up?

Posted on May 1, 2018 in Business Litigation

There is only one potential source of that leak and that is Trump.  The reasons are obvious.  First, on the Mueller side, nothing has been leaked to the press.  We learned on the day that it went down that Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals.  No one knew beforehand.  And there is no benefit for a prosecutor to leak the information.  On the other hand, Trump – the master at deflection and obfuscation – could easily have leaked the information.  He may have done so to show the wide scope of the investigation or to show that questions are being asked that are so far afield, giving credence to his “witch hunt” theory.  Also, while we have not seen the actual document that was discovered, the press is reporting that the document is essentially a list of questions with commentary.  Other reports have indicated that the document has typos and inappropriate grammar, lending credence to the theory that they are notes taken from someone on the Trump team as they were in discussions with Mueller’s office.  In the end, the more confusion from the inquiry, the more Trump can  boast that it is a witch hunt.


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