Megyn Kelly will return

Posted on Oct 31, 2018 in Business Litigation

So many questions about Megyn Kelly and whether she will return.  Some wrongfully say that she will forever be out.


The bottom line is that America’s memory is shorter than short.  Accordingly, Megyn Kelly will get offers from various news sources.  Remember Brian Williams?  The disgraced NBC newscaster who was caught in several alleged lies.  Well, now he is the lead reporter at MSNBC for The Eleventh Hour, what has become one of the most popular shows at 11 pm.


While Kelly may start off at lower offers, that low will still be well into the millions of dollars annually.   Certainly, in light of her net worth, past income and income potential, she will continue to live the lifestyle to which she has been accustomed.


I would not be surprised if she has already started negotiations with other networks.  And while some may argue that Kelly’s statement was far worse than Williams’ mess up, because hers was discriminatory, how many people can you name who have made discriminatory statements and are still at their job?  Indeed, some even get better jobs; let’s start with the President.

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