Kobe & Vanessa Bryant: Helicopter Lawsuit

Posted on Feb 27, 2020 in Business Litigation

Richard Roth Esq. – February 27th 2020

The lawsuit, just filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, by Kobe Bryant’s estate, is a very strong lawsuit.  On February 24th, Vanessa Bryant, on behalf of Kobe, commenced an action against Island Express Holding Corp. and its pilot, Ara Zobavan, alleging that they were negligent by failing “to use ordinary care in piloting the subject aircraft,” failing to abort the flight, failing to monitor and assess the weather, and failure to keep a safe distance between natural obstacles and the helicopter.   The reason the case is strong is several-fold.  First, in a negligence case the matter almost always proceeds to a jury, which puts the defendants at risk.  Second, it is indisputable that the weather was horrific that day.  And most importantly,  every juror in Los Angeles will feel for the Bryant family, which will go far in the rendering of a verdict in their favor.  While, on the one hand, it is sad when families resort to the judicial system, on the other hand, the family is seeking accountability for the death of their loved ones … precisely what they will receive. 

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