Jussie Smollett: What a Tangled Web

Posted on Jan 13, 2020 in Business Litigation

Richard Roth Esq. – January 13th 2020

The criminal matter against Smollett is back alive!   Today, an Illinois judge signed sweeping search warrants ordering Google to turn over twelve month’ of data from Smollett and his manager, including texts, emails, photos, location data, drafted and deleted messages and other information, as a special prosecutor probes whether he staged a racist and homophobic attack against himself.  As you may recall, after Smollett claimed he was accosted by racist men, the Chicago police learned that he allegedly paid $3,500 to two brothers to stage the attack.  Then, after charging Smollett with 16 counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly orchestrating the incident, the prosecutor, Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx, inexplicably dropped all charges a month later, leading the Court to appoint a special prosecutor Dan Webb to look into Foxx’s decision.  Smollett, in a brazen move, then sued the City claiming that it wrongfully arrested him.  That move, which is a slap in the face to the already enraged Chicago police department, may have backfired, as investigators are hoping that the data, which encompasses large swaths of time before and after the attack, will help prove that the attack was orchestrated by Smollett.  If there is such evidence, then he will – yet again – be charged.   In the meantime, Foxx, the subject of ridicule for dismissing what appeared to be a strong case against Smollett, hired a Washington, D.C. attorney to assist her in defending her actions.  Oh what tangled webs are being weaved … As far as the future goes, if the authorities find any documents, he will be re-charged … and most likely convicted!   And while Foxx will most likely not face any criminal issues, her political career will be over, if it is determined that she let a famous criminal free.

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