Forbes’ $2.3 billion valuation of the Panthers, is it too low or too high?

Posted on Dec 18, 2017 in Business Litigation

The Panthers will undoubtedly retain an investment banker to value the business based on its balance sheet and income statement, including reviewing it revenues, expenses, profits, assets and liabilities, as is true with any business. Since the only comparable sale is the Buffalo Bills close to three years ago, the price will certainly be greater than the professional teams sell for purchase price but may not reach $2.3 million. The only other “x factor” is that we have seen professional teams sell for above the fair market value. That is because there is a certain premium that is derived by investing in a professional sports team. Apparently B Diddy, Stephan Curry (a local) and others have expressed an interest in owning the team … So, until the investment bankers do their work and the offers are made, it is hard to give you a number – but $2.3 million is certainly not out of the question.

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