Federal Courts About to Shut Down!

Posted on Jan 10, 2019 in Business Litigation

With no end in sight on the government shut down and our President declaring that it could continue for months, or even years, the entire federal judiciary will shortly be in crisis! That is, the federal courts, which were set to run out of cash this Friday, now have one extra week remaining. So, if the government does not get its __ __ __ __ together, nonessential workers at the 94 federal district courts, and at higher courts across the country, will simply not go to work and perhaps skeleton crews will show up — without pay — to deal with “essential” cases under U.S. law, including criminal matters. While the decision will be handled on a judge-by-judge/court-by-court basis, it is ugly as our federal judiciary will run triage until the government shutdown is over. Specifically, when the cash literally runs out, the United States courts will operate under the Antideficiency Act, the federal law that requires work to continue if it’s necessary “to support the exercise of Article III judicial powers,” or the resolution of cases, under the Constitution.


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