Criminal Litigation

What We Do

Our criminal defense team represents the spectrum of those charged with crimes; from the large white collar offenses or major felonies in federal and state criminal courts to smaller misdemeanor and felony indictments. Our cases have included charges of financial/securities crimes such as securities fraud, wire and mail fraud, “pump and dump” schemes, market manipulation, Ponzi schemes and all forms of scams, pyramid schemes and fraud. Our team also has experience in representing clients with assertions of narcotics trafficking, tax evasion, medicare/medicaid fraud and much more.

Past Success

  • Successfully defended Ponzi scheme defendant who was indicted in Detroit, Michigan for promoting and selling a super high interest loan to individuals and entities throughout the United States.
  • Successfully defended individual indicted with securities, wire and mail fraud in connection with an allegedly illicit boiler room operation.
  • Successfully represented celebrities in various felony and misdemeanor indictments involving alleged misappropriation of monies.
  • Successfully represented accountant for popular television show who allegedly failed to properly account to the network.
  • Successfully represented adults in child molestation/endangering the welfare of a minor cases.

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